Monday, July 20, 2009

7-20, Santa Fe

We have been in Santa Fe since Saturday afternoon. After a late Birthday BBQ for our birthday boy on Friday night, we got up on Saturday am and took our time getting a few things ready to head to Santa Fe. We hit the road just before noon and arrived in Santa Fe around 2. We stayed in the El Ray Inn. It is a great South Western Motel. The place is well kept, the rooms are clean and many of the rooms have little sitting areas outside which makes it great for putting kids to bed and then sitting outside the room enjoying the night. There is also a pool and several hot tubs- which the kids loved.

On Saturday after checking in, we strolled around the down town area. Lots of churches, shops, art galleries and side walk vendors. No bargains to be found in Santa Fe! But as usual, the kids found many souvenirs to spend their money on.
We then headed out to dinner at the Blue Corn Brewery. We sat on the back patio and had a great Southwestern dinner accompanied by their fine beers. It was fun and very spicey.
On Sunday, we headed to the Audobon preserve on the outskirts of town for a hike. They had a good selection of trails and of course, lots of birds all around. We spotted 4 different species of humming birds which the kids really loved watching. It was another beautiful 85-90 degree day and most of the hike that we chose was in the shade which was a bonus. From there, it was over to the pool where we spent most of the afternoon. The kids probably would have swam until dinner time if we let them.

We ate at a little Mexican restaurant two blocks away from our motel. It was very authentic food and from the lines, you could tell it was very popular. Almost all the kids tried something different- which was a change from the pasta and chicken fingers- and for the most part, liked what they ordered.

This morning, we are packing up and heading for Taos. We have a 1PM river rafting trip planned for today and we are all excited about that. Should be a great time. Enjoy your Monday!


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