Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16th- Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge RR

Well, we were able to get home from a day on the train and get everyone in bed and still have time left to grab a glass of wine together and update the blog.

We left Mesa Verde this morning and headed East to Durango. We are hoping to spend some time tomorrow exploring Durango a bit because it looks like a great little town. We caught the 9:45 train to Silverton. The train is the last steam locomotive in the world. The company that runs them has to machine any parts needed to repair and keep them going. It is run on coal and you can smell it and see it on you (we were in the open air car- more fun but just a roof and no windows so a bit dirty). The trip meandered through the San Juan National Forest along the Animas River (looks like a very wild white water river) and through spectacular scenery. Much of the trip was around 8000 feet in elevation and some of the mountain tops we passed by still had snow on them! You would think we would be tired of looking at the scenery but it is all so different and so stunning that you could stare at it endlessly.

Silverton is an old mining town, and it still looks that way. Dirt streets, saloons, old hotels,

but they have transformed themselves into a tourist destination. The town looked like an Austrian village- completely surrounded by steep, very tall peaks- complete with a big avalanche danger billboard updating the towns folk on the level of avalanche danger. We had fun walking around and eating our lunch. The kids could have spent all day there in the dozens of gift shops and even a Big Foot museum.

On the way back, Anna and Will slept for an hour plus each. We arrived back in Durango around 7 and grabbed a quick bite at Fiesta Mexican. We are now sitting in one of those parking lot style RV parks where people seem to 'summer' here, you cannot have a fire and you have a 4x10 strip of grass. But hey, they have wifi.

Tomorrow we will poke around Durango a bit and then head out late morning to Socorro, NM to catch up with Deb's family. Tomorrow will be our last day with the RV as we will trade it for a minivan on Saturday morning. We have enjoyed it and are looking forward to doing it again in a few years. Anyone up for renting one and joining our caravan as we explore more of our national parks??

Pics: Mike and Em on the trail to petroglyph point; all of us arriving at the train station, view from our car as the engine rounds a bend; Anna keeping herself cool with the spray fan as she hikes; kids boarding the train;


  1. Very fun! I'm so glad that you guys started this blog! I read "my blogs" every morning and enjoyed hearing about your trip!

  2. Wow, that train ride sounds fabulous and the scenery looks fake, doesn't it? What great experiences you have had and memories you will forever!!! Thanks so much for sharing the details and everyone looks like they are having a blast! Anna looks OLDER too!! HUGS to everyone, today is real hot (finally) and if we didn't have CBC carnival tonight we'd be off to Donna Pass for a swim! HAPPY B-day Will tomorrow and we are very excited for our "wedding"....please pray for us! We continue to lift you all in prayer and trust GOD will have you right where He wants you. We had an AWESOME week at CBC, what a blessing it was! We love you all and miss you! xoxo Kathy, Jim & Matt

  3. Hey Dionnes!
    I lost the blog link, but Kathy hooked me up today! :) Love reading all your adventures & seeing the pictures. Makes me really miss CO! We never got down to the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde, but had always hoped to. Deb, we missed you at the Coffee Cafe this week, but I have some great "God moment" stories to share with you.
    Enjoy your day! Enjoy the blue sky that is so unique out there! :)