Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th- Mesa Verde

We got up early this morning and took a bus tour with a ranger of several of the cliff dwellings. It was a really interesting tour. There are thousands of archaeological sites in the area and many are very well preserved. The tour was almost 4 hours and culminated in a walk through of the 'Cliff Palace'. These ancient people were pretty skilled craftsmen and built very elaborate multi-story buildings on the cliffs. The Cliff Palace had over 100 rooms! Later in the day at the museum, the kids were able to make plaster pictures using the material the ancient people used to decorate their buildings and homes. Unlike our homes, many of theirs are still going strong after 700 years with hardly any maintenance!

We had a picnic on top of the mesa and then bought ice cream at the visitors center. On our way out, as we were walking out the door, Anna announced that she had to use the bathroom and headed off at a run. Deb quickly followed her into the bathroom and once inside, took one look at her face and realized she was going to vomit. Both stalls were in use so Deb held her up to the full paper towel waste basket. She hurled 4-5 times and then promptly announced she was all set.

Tonight we had a leisurely dinner of hamburgers by the campfire. As the night wore on, we read a national park mystery book by the fire.

The stars out here are amazing. Last night it was so clear and so dark that we could see the milky way. It is also so quiet (once the Dionne kids are in bed anyway). It is really peaceful just sitting out by the fire and gazing at the stars.

Enjoy the few pictures: Lake Powell, Deb driving the RV, Cliff Palace, whole family at Cliff Palace.

Planning to sleep in late and hit the campground pancake breakfast tomorrow. See you later.

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  1. Hi All: I haven't read your blog in a couple of days and absolutely enjoyed the description of your excursions with much detail, thanks Mike! Thank goodness, Deb has been keeping guard for spiders and snakes (UGGGH!!) so you can keep us entertained. LOVE the pics and so much the stories as well. I trust ALL the Dionne's will be saying "this was their best vacation ever!!" We miss seeing you all at CBC, having a great week and FINALLY a few days of sun in row. BE safe, HAVE fun and treasure what GOD has made for us!! We are still praying for you all. Love ya and miss ya. Kathy, Jim & Matt :~)