Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27th- Sandy Experience

Yesterday morning, we left the Holiday Inn and made our way over to White Sands. Before leaving the hotel, we borrowed sleds and bought some wax. First, we stopped at the visitor center to gather a little info about the dunes. Then, we drove to the dunes, waxed up our sleds, and hopped on them!
The dunes are very hard to explain. They are white as snow; and they're cold! We slid down the first hill for a while, but we found a taller dune, which we slid on for the rest of the time. All eight kids loved it, but the little girls were tired and fussy. I enjoyed rolling down the dunes and getting sand in my hair, but the sledding was fun too!
We didn't want to leave, but it was a relief to sit in the visitor center and watch the movie about White Sands. We learned that if a yucca plant is 2ft above the dune, and the dune is 30ft tall, then the yucca is probably 32ft tall! They can grow faster than the dunes can and will keep up as the dunes 'grow'.
When we got in the car to drive back to Socorro,(I scraped my leg on the car) sand was still falling off us! White Sands was one of my favorite National Monuments, even though sand is still falling off me right now!
-ed (Emma)

ps- do you know the difference between a National Monument and a National Park? We will let you know the answer when we see you at home.

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