Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 29th, the last Day and the end of the blog :(

On Tuesday, the 28th, we left Socorro with many a teary eye. We said our good byes and headed to Albuquerque around 11. We were going to ride the Tram to the top of Sandia Peak. That ride leaves a ~6000 foot base to a 10,300 feet peak. It was an excellent view of the city and a fantastic place to have lunch and take a hike. The kids met with the park ranger and got the materials to earn their Jr Ranger Badge for Sandia. In order to find all the needed answers, we took a mile nature hike around the top of the mountain. It was a gorgeous day and the temps that high up were in the mid 70's (compared to 90's at the base). We spent a few hours there and then headed back to the old town part of the city. This area has many museums, shops, galleries and restaurants. It is a really fun place to stroll around. I had told the kids that if they could solve a math problem I had given them that I would buy them a slush. They solved it so we headed for the slush maker near the rattle snake museum as soon as we parked the car. On the way, we ran into our friends the Sakamotos! They were having an ice-cream before heading over to the AAA Isotopes baseball game. It was fun to see them again.

We found a great restaurant to have dinner- the High Noon Saloon. They had really good food and excellent service. We had a great last New Mexican meal before heading to our hotel for the last night of our trip.

On Wednesday, we headed to the airport for our 10:20 flight. Due to the wonderful weather on the East Coast, we had a 1 hour delay leaving New Mexico and a 3 hour wait on the tarmac in Baltimore due to the Boston airspace being shut down. We eventually arrived home at 10:30PM. We had a fantastic trip overall. We are all ready to do it again, but are happy to be home for now. The kids seemed to converge on Carlsbad and White Sands being their favorite places. I loved Zion for the hiking and would love to go back to Carlsbad and do some of the cave crawls as well. Debs highlight was Mesa Verde. We all loved the slower pace of life and the time together as family.

We cannot wait to see all of you and catch up. God certainly blessed our adventure, showed us some of His favorite places and kept everyone healthy throughout the process. Halleluiah!

We will be in touch soon!

The Dionnes.

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