Friday, July 3, 2009

July 2-3- First days driving the Big Rig

Yesterday, we picked up our RV around 12:30. It took us about 1.5 hours (in the 100+ degree parking lot!) to pack it up and get everything in order. All the boxes we shipped out (Thanks Kathy for covering them with verses! We saved most of them and stuck them on the wall of the RV) made it just fine. Right out of the parking lot I headed up a one way! The RV parking lot attendent seemed to be used to it as he just waved me on through. We fueled up and headed north. We went to Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, Az for our first night. It was a really nice campground with georgous views of the valley and towns below. We dropped our camp chairs in the drive way and immediately headed to the 'Blazin M Ranch' for dinner and a show. It was right across the street from the campground which was a big plus. There were some fun things to do before dinner: rope calves (fake ones!) and shoot a real 6 shooter just like the cowboys used to. At 6:30 the dinner bell rang and we filed into the barn for dinner. We had to pile our dinner on tin plates..BBQ chicken or beef, home made apple sauce, baked potatoes, cowboy biscuits, cole slaw, cowboy beans, spice cake and a tin cup of lemonade or ice tea. After dinner there was a cowboy musical review which was really great. The whole family really enjoyed it. Thanks to mom for finding it!
This morning, we continued north to Montezuma National Monument. That was really cool. In Beaver Creek Canyon about 900 years ago, the Sinagua people built pueblo's about 100 feet up in the depressions of the canyon walls. Early settlers thought they were built by the Aztecs and named it after Montezuma, hence the name.
After this, we headed to Grass Hopper Point to swim- details by J in the Grass Hopper Point posting- and then to Sedona- details by 'M' in the Sedona posting below.

We pulled into 'Woody's Mountain Campground' in Flagstaff around 6:00 tonight. We are planning to head to the 4th of July parade and fireworks tomorrow. Will try to load up some pics tomorrow. Happy 4th to all of you!
And no, I have not picked anyone off with the RV yet! It sure does drive like a 30' boat.

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  1. Hi Dionnes: Sounds like all is well and you are still in the running for a movie after this trip! FUNNY stuff, keep laughing and enjoying the beauty of God's majesty! Glad to hear you got the verses too, that was to do and I got some quirky looks by the UPS ladies. Would love to see some pics. We are praying for all of you. ENJOY the sun. We had a great 4th at the Horribles parade and the concert on the common! Looking forward to more posts. Love safe!!