Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6th

I found the camera cable! Yesterday we left Flagstaff and drove for about 5 hours to Bryce Canyon. Due to our late start and stop for some groceries, we didn't get in the area until 6 ish. We were still 25 miles from our reserved campground and at the end of our patience so we stopped at a gas station/RV campground about 10 miles from Bryce. While not the greatest campground, the people were nice and Deb really appreciated the hot showers this morning. We got out before 9 this am (we thought it was 9 but found out from a ranger that Utah is Mountain time and it was an hour later than we thought!) and headed to Bryce. There was a campground we hoped to find a stop in as it is first come first serve. We pulled in found plenty of spots. This is the best campground yet! No services, but lots of space and gorgeous scenery. And...we could leave the RV for the day and take the park shuttle where we needed to go.

We had a fantastic day today. Hiked on the rim of Bryce Canyon and then down into the canyon and through the bottom. Words and pictures are inadequate to describe it. We have just finished (to Deb's dismay) eating our first campfire foil dinner (cabbage, potatoes, squash, onions, hamburger or chicken and seasoning)!

We are about to head to the rim and see the full moon rise right now.

Sometime tomorrow we head to Zion. They told us it is at least 100 degrees there due to the lower elevation (3000 ft vs 8000+ of Bryce). 85 degrees with 8% humidity at Bryce during our 3 mile hike was pretty warm.

Pics: first view of the Hoodoo's in Bryce Canyon; hiking down from the rim to the bottom on the Navajo trail; Kids in a 'window'; kids enjoying a soda after the 1000 feet of climbing in and out of Bryce.



  1. We have been following and enjoying the posts. Those pictures are great. What, Deb doesn't like cabbage or tinfoil dinners? Have fun and stay safe.
    John and Brenda

  2. Wow! Those pictures look amazing. Glad you guys are having fun on your trip so far. I'm tempted to fly out there and meet you guys!!! Hahah! xoxo- Melissa

  3. We're Jealous !!! All we get is a tornado here in Hopkinton.
    Enjoy every moment.
    -Mark and Ann

  4. I heard about the tornado. Sorry we missed it:). Stay safe, Hopkinton is dangerous! Enjoying the sun and heat out here. Will try to bring some home with us. Take care,